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A Fire Inside
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in faith_74047's LiveJournal:

Monday, May 9th, 2005
4:10 pm
I hate Devocha sooo fuckin much. I hope that the WHORE dies a slow death with her blodd slowly dripping out of her chest. And she is tied down to a hanging chair thatz rope is about to break any minute. I fuckin hate her so much. I want her GONE AND AWAY FROM ME AND DANNY. AS LONG AS SHE IS AROUND, ME AND DANNY CANT TELL ANYONE THAT WE ARE GOING OUT AGAIN, BECAUSE OF THAT WHORE. GOD I HATE HER GUTS SOO MUCH. I WISH THAT SHE WAS NEVER BORN, IN FACT, I WISH THAT NONE OF THE TERRYS WERE EVER BORN. I HATE THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Current Mood: pissed off
Saturday, March 19th, 2005
8:48 am
Nikki wrote me. I'm happy. After our last encounter she had better write me. Me and Danny are trying to find another girl. Jonathan is jealous to no end. I think that it is funny. I must go.

Current Mood: hyper
Thursday, March 17th, 2005
5:59 pm
My Pittiful Life
I hate life mostly. It really sucks. I wish that I could crawl into a hole and disappear. It would be so much better than living out here. There are so many problems going on. Zach loves toying with my feelings. So does Jeremy. Sometimes I don't really think that Danny loves me. I went to church with him last night and I felt so hollow that even when he said that he loved me I still felt no emotion. I love him, I really do, I just feel like I have lost all emotion toward people. I mean come on. The only nice thing people do to me is leave me alone and not acknowledge my existence. But then a certain few come along who claim to be my friend and claim to love me when the really don't. People lie to me all the time thinking that it will help my depression and bi-polar. They put me on Prozac and I don't think that it is helping. Yeah it calms me down, but it don't help with anything else. Nothing can. I am doomed to feeling lonely and depressed. I want to die. I have no strength to live anymore. I wish that I could just die, suddenly. The only reason why people would notice that I am gone would be, "Where the fuck is that fucking loser?" and that would be all. I hate myself and my life. I wish that it would all just go away. Joey is going into the military because he decided to do something stupid. I am going to miss him. He is my big bro. I saw Jake today. My other big bro. I have so many big bros. I don't know why, but a lot of guys meet me and suddenly they want to protect me as if I am worth protecting. I'm really not. I better go. Danny is on his way.


Current Mood: dead
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
8:57 pm
I cant wait to marry danny. IN 4 FUCKING YEARS!!!! i am so happy. i love him so much. i have to wait though which sux. i cant wait. he is here now so i better go!

Current Mood: loved
Sunday, December 5th, 2004
2:04 pm
I am so hyper right now. Danny is coming over. I was at Sammi's last night. Eric imed Liz and it was a big mess, cuz now eric wants to be back with her and i dont know. She has Mike, they deserve each other. They really do. Well, Danny just got here, so I better go.

Current Mood: hot
Friday, November 26th, 2004
5:22 pm
Zach has 2 girlfriends. I think that it is hilarious. I am not mad. Yeah, I still love him, but I dont care anymore. Oh, this is gonna eat DeVocha Terry up. She is like a total stalker of his and it is going to hurt her so hard. I am so happy. That bitch is going down.

Current Mood: hyper
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
1:35 pm
Jake Richardson
Jake Richardson is really hott. To bad I cant meet him. But oh, well, it is thankgiving. an annoying holiday where every one says what they are tahnkful for when we really have nothing to be thankful for. i am thankful for bunches of things. like Danny and of course JAKE RICHARDSON.

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
4:17 pm
I am rejected by all that is here. People reject me for me being different. I am tired of it. Most of them don't know that I am a witch, and that I do witchcraft, and if they did, how would they react? Would they support me or kick me to the curb? I don't know what to do anymore.

Current Mood: rejected
11:10 am
Last night me and Danny got into a huge fight. He has this tendency to be really cocky and think that he is always right. He got really mad at me for his mistake. I am tired of him doing that. I dont know if i should call him today. I dont know if it is a good idea. He really made me mad, and I dont want him to think that I am going to be all forgiving all the time. I found out that my friend Lizzy has an account here. She is dating my best friend, Mike. They are so cute together. I am not at all worried about them, I mean, I know that they will make it. They made it through one thing. Plus, they love each other so much. I know that they will make it. DeVocha is really pissed at me, but I am not going to let it get to me. She dont own me and I have decided that if I let it get to me and want to fight her, I will be as stupid and immature as she is being. I fucking hate her though. My friend Rachel moved back Saturday. Zach helped us all put her room together. He is such a goober. Me and him are friends now. Yeah it still hurts that he broke my heart into millions of pieces, but I need to move on the not dwell on the past. I am not going to take him back though. Even though most of my friends think that I should.

Well, L8er.


Current Mood: stressed
10:28 am
A teardrop fell upon the rose
That she held close to her breast.
In sympathy, the petals closed,
As she saw her love at rest.

The rose it seemed to feel her pain
As one by one her petals fell
And upon the stem of thorns,
Now fell the pouring rain.

Bending down, she picked the petals
And to herself, she drew them near;
She saw, in the rose, her broken heart
And on the petal, her fallen tear.

Between the pages of a book
She placed the petals tenderly.
And the rose, it shed a tear,
As if it cried in sympathy.

The words on the pages read,
Forever, my love, remember me
And when you see a rose of red,
Remember, love, to remember me.

Current Mood: depressed
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